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​Centaurius: The Prophecy

Copyright ©  2017 By SJM Unlimited Publications and SJ McGarry Author. All Rights Reserved

"How does one begin to tell a story of timeless mirrored memories vibrating on spiral pathways throughout the Universe?"

​​ Copyright © 2017 SJM Unlimited Publications and SJ McGarry Author
​All Rights Reserved

Sj McGarry Author

SJ McGarry

"Centaurius: The Prophecy,"  is SJ McGarry's first Sci-Fi Novel debut. What began as her thesis for her Master of Fine Art's Degree many moons ago and her concerns of Earth's  preservation for future generations,  "Centaurius: The Prophecy" book one,  and "Centaurius: Into the Fracas," book 2, slowly blossomed with all the makings of a best-selling novel. She's currently working on book three the finale in this Green Galaxy Series. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves with fact, history, and fiction as she finishes book three "The Key: Fractured Earth"  in this thought-provoking series!

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