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Writing under the pseudonym of SJ McGarry, ShirLee has a Master of Fine Art's degree in Creative Writing: Fiction and published works in music, poetry, and short stories.  "Centaurius: The Prophecy" book one, Centaurius: Into the Fracas," book two, and "The Key: Fractured Earth," book three, in The Green Galaxy Series, is a labor of love that began as a thesis for her master's program many 'moons' ago.
Digging it out of the old publication archives making many revisions through the years, and working with editors, family, friends, and her beta team, her patience and passion for the project came to life addressing concerns within this intriguing speculative Sci-Fi novel. The story is unique and ties in real-world issues to a fictional realm with important historical facts and a creative call-to-action with thought-provoking questions about the future of our planet, Earth.
​ShirLee is an Associate Broker with Realtypath LLC  brokerage in Sandy Utah and licensed for over twenty-five years in the residential home market. She is happily switching her sixty plus hours per week workload spent in real estate services to a manageable pace by spending quality time with her writing endeavors and is looking forward to an equally rewarding career as an author and poet.
 The best parts, is whether she is working from her home office, or a beautiful sandy beach on an island, (well a girl can dream, can't she?) the rewards are great. ShirLee says she is looking forward to spending more time with her characters that are patiently waiting in line to tell their stories.

Sj McGarry Author

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SJ McGarry Author