“A YA space opera sees a princess step toward her destiny as an interstellar savior…Though McGarry…opens her adventure with the harrowing murder of a gorilla family in Congo, the tone softens, inviting fans of space epics like Star Wars along for the ride. There’s an enjoyable profusion of gadgetry and lore embedded in every page, from brain chips that animals use to telepathically communicate to the Wooden Warriors—talking trees—of Wethersfield. This first volume in a series brings a tremendous amount of backstory to light…  But the focus always returns to the plight of Earth, where oceans will rise, “regardless of any future efforts...to curb greenhouse gasses… A series opener that skillfully balances sobering ecological facts with fanciful galactic adventures…”                      
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5.0 out of 5 starsGreat For Kids
April 27, 2016
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While it is extremely unique in its own right, Centaurius: The Prophecy reminded me of several other successful sci-fi/fantasy novels, such as Frank Herbert’s Dune (for the politics and intrigue), as well as Guy Gavriel Kay’s The Summer Tree (for the way you and Kay merge fantasy worlds with real-world Earth). The communication and empathy that is shared with animals, such as Senkewe and Jarmu, reminded me of Diane Duane’s sea-based Deep Wizardry novel. By bringing in a strong female lead, exciting dialogue, and the promise of future adventures, Centaurius: The Prophecy has all the ingredients of being the beginning of a popular series.

The Adventures of Cluck-Cluck: Cluck-Cluck Goes to Court

ReviewEchoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
Michele's review 
Jul 30, 2017
liked it. I received my copy from Goodreads giveaway. As stated in the title, the poems cover the basics of living: life, loss, and love. My favorite was the Golden Anniversary poem. Even though it is about sharing 50 years, it touched my heart as I am celebrating 30 years. This a good collection with simple yet moving artwork to accompany the words.

Echoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
R.K. Cowles's review 
Jul 27, 2017
it was ok bookshelves: books-won-on-goodreads-giveaways . 2 1/2 stars. A giveaway book on Goodreads. I felt too many of the poems we're monotonous. Although I did like about 7-8 of the poems. Some of the poems had a good form pattern and rhymes. Not my mug of tea.

Echoes of the Mind Chapbook of Poetry

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April 26, 2016
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​​ Copyright © 2017 SJM Unlimited Publications and SJ McGarry Author
​All Rights Reserved


May 20, 2019
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Echoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
Beverly's review 
Jul 30, 2017 liked it. 

bookshelves: 2017, first-reads, july-2017 . I won a copy of "Echoes Of The Mind" on Goodreads First Reads. I love poetry and some of these poems were pretty good.  I had trouble relating to any of them, even though I wanted to.

Echoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
Jessi's review 
Jul 27, 2017
it was ok. I did not connect with majority of the poems, but did enjoy a few. For the most part they seemed shallow and stereotypical. The end where the author explains types of poems may be helpful to aspiring authors, but poetry (I believe) should not focus so much on structure and more about feelings.

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May 24, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition