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April 26, 2016
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Jessica Barbosa
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Reviewed By Jessica Barbosa for Readers’ Favorite
Centaurius the Prophecy is book one of the Green Galaxy Series by SJ McGarry. A dark, corrupt threat rises and puts the planets Centaurius and Earth in grave danger. This destructive entity is called the Red Brume, a creation that poisoned everything in its path and, according to the archives, it is the most feared of all prophecies. It is capable of devastating everything, an evil force driving the exploitation of natural resources. However, a certain hero stands in its way: the promised Princess Warrior of Centaurius, foreseen by the prophecies, Nella Grizel Reiner. It is clear that Nella cannot fight this powerful foe alone. She travels to Earth with her protector and mentor, Konan, two agents from the Interplanetary Galaxy Operatives (IPGO), and her Fur and Feathered Warriors in a mission to find Nella’s mirrored Earth Warrior - the chosen one foreordained in the Book of Twenty. Bonded together, working as a team, the Centaurius Princess Warrior and the mirrored Earth Warrior will become fearsome and powerful advocates for the survival of both planets and galaxies.

SJ McGarry has created a detailed, science fiction story that uniquely depicts the fragile but delightful essence of Nature, the different life forms it governs, and the influence humans have over them, good or bad. I saw this as a story that portrays the weight of responsibility and stepping up to help save what is important. One of the many things I found interesting about this story’s idea is how nature and technology seamlessly blend together to create a unique and distinctive world that continues to pull me in with every new and remarkable concept introduced. I found the different gifts the characters had to be one of the most intriguing things in the book, like the ability of galaxy living resolution (GLR) which divines the intent of any living being or the gift to communicate with all creatures. I found the book to be thoroughly enjoyable; there was never a dull moment as I thirsted for every chapter that pulled me deeper into its fascinating plot. The story is descriptive and imaginative and I looked forward to learning more about the planet Centaurius and its people. There is so much raw potential in Centaurius the

Prophecy that I get goosebumps just thinking of what could
possibly happen next.our paragraph here.

Congratulations SJ McGarry!   "Centaurius the Prophecy" is a 2020
Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Fiction - Urban genre! 

Goodread Reviews

[Marsha James] Jul 09, 2020  - I  really liked it. There is something unbeatable about being pleasantly surprised. This was my first time reading anything by S. J. McGarry, and I was pleasantly surprised by Centaurius. Centaurius is epic in every way the word can be defined. The scale of some of the conceptual elements was so broad that I initially had difficulty comprehending them. The best Science Fiction always does this for me in some way. The best stories can be a linchpin, connecting you to your future, slightly more experienced self.

[Janet Parker] Jul 09, 2020 -  I like originality, and I also like a story told economically, and the writer S. J. McGarry gets my high praise in the science fiction genre. McGarry has created in Centaurius a speculative fiction gem where it leads a reader along an environmental issues yet approachable thrilling ride. McGarry has crafted a dynamic tension that grips the reader throughout this book. For a story confined to less than two hundred pages, it is impossible to be disappointed by the sheer degree of content, characte ...more

[Betty Nelson] Jul 10, 2020 - This book is spectacular, smart, clever, well crafted, well timed, full of great characters, and great scenes. At first, this book is hard to get into. It throws you a whole bunch of terminology and plot with little explanation. But you need to stick with it because it'll be all worth it. The payoff in this book is unbelievably good and turned what I hated in the beginning to something I completely adored. Fantasy is notorious for being unrepresentative, but S. J. McGarry's world is inclusive.

[Kimberly Edwards]  Jul 10, 2020 - A brilliant novel. Rich in characters, a superbly crafted story that moves quickly and deals with important issues.
S. J. McGarry did a ton of research for this book. I would even go so far as to say that there is more info-dumping than there is a plot. However, McGarry has a way of pulling you into the story and writing in such an enthralling way that the explanations and listing of names aren't boring or repetitive. It adds to the story and the development of the characters. Some of my favorite passages...more

[Susan Hill]  Jul 10, 2020 - This is my favorite book in the fantasy genre because it blew me away. If you are a fantasy reader, give this one a whirl, you won't be disappointed. So, what do we get here? A space opera, which I feel is somewhat more fantasy than sci-fi, which isn't bad at all. I had the same feeling while reading Dune, by the way. So good modern space opera and a love story that isn't into sappy -it's mature, it's a bit funny and believable. Plus, we get a smart and strong heroine, Nella. Konan is also sensitive and sensible ...more...this book set out to make you think.

[Benjamin Murphy] Jul 09, 2020 - Although, this is quite a heavy book to read, once you get into the somewhat peculiar writing style of McGarry, the intricate storyline and realistic characterizations that lie within this novel make it more than worth the time and effort. McGarry vision of the future (the exact time-frame is unspecified, but given that humanity pervades a significant portion of the galaxy, it must be the fairly distant future) is captivating, although it must be said that little exposition is offered concerning ...more

[William Davis] Jul 09, 2020 - S. J. McGarry is so creative and brilliant here, with this fantastically paced plot woven from rich and varied characters.
Honestly, Centaurius succeeds on so many levels. The characters were real, vibrant, exotic, and interesting. I can't remember being attached to the main characters so deeply since the first time I watched Star Wars in grade school. Centaurius had that level of effect on me. At the same time, as an adult, I find Centaurius much more than Star Wars could ever hope to be. I'd lo ...more

[Belinda Anderson] Jul 09, 2020 - I  loved this book. It was a slow start for me because I had to work at keeping track of all the characters, but that fell into place once I realized there were a few key players that were more important. I especially enjoyed all the descriptions of technology. Interestingly, the slangs and acronyms used in the story can be read at the end of the novel. I'm sure even this book has its flaws, and if I take it apart, I might find them. But I don't want to. I enjoyed every single page, the tight and ...more

[Patricia Brown] Jul 09, 2020 - I normally don't write reviews on fiction works since I prefer to focus more on my non-fictional readings, but this time I felt compelled to write something about this masterpiece. It has been a long time since I had last experienced the pleasure of reading such a beautiful example of space opera. The width and scope of this ambitious work are breathtaking; we are dealing here with a visionary, outstanding work of hard science fiction that manages to address many traditional themes of science fi ...more

[Theodore Roberts] Jul 09, 2020 - Words can't describe how much I love this book! The quality of the writing in the first chapter gripped me and wouldn't let me stop reading. It is a fabulous sci-fi space opera with fantastic characters you root for. The most impressive thing is the world-building, and how complex science becomes understandable and readable in a way that you don't find in these types of books. Centaurius posits, in the beginning, technology beyond many of the most forward thinkers' wildest imaginations. McGarry' ...more

[Edward Moore] Jul 10, 2020 - This is a great read and a different look at the future than many I have read. I think people should pay attention and take care of our planet, and I found this novel a thrilling suspense into what may happen. Centaurius is the first book in the Green Galaxy Series, which focused on introducing the characters and the settings. Character-driven sci-fi is something of a rarity; most sci-fi novels are more concerned with plot and technology, and characterization is often of secondary importance. S. ...more

[Thomas Lewis] Jul 10, 2020 - This is a book you need to read with great concentration. McGarry never attempts anything even remotely like an info dump. Instead, she reveals little snippets of world-building as the book progresses, and if you are not reading carefully, you will miss a lot. Even the story itself can be confusing. It took a quick reread of the first few pages to confirm my opinion, and it opened a whole new reason to dash for the next book as soon as possible!
My advice is to give the book at least fifty pages ...more

[Joan Dela] Jul 09, 2020 - One of those books that take you on a journey. I was ambivalent about it at first, but I quickly became enthusiastic. McGarry's style allows you an idea of the nature of several different civilizations without going too in-depth. This skill allows her to construct the epic scope required for a space opera of this nature. It had such a strong start; I was worried the story was going to hit the middle and drag. When that didn't happen, I worried toward the end that it was going to fall apart becau ...more

[Princes Poole] Jul 09, 2020 - A compulsive read, interesting characters, and an insane amount of original sci-fi ideas. More, please. Centaurius, for me, is filled with wonders and surprises. A story spanning millions of years and several galaxies. It took me a few chapters to wrap my head around the world; it's a lot to take in at first. Afterward, I couldn't put it down. I plowed through savoring each word. S. J. McGarry's prose is as wonderful as the world(s) she's created. I'm gushing, I know, but I can't help myself. I'm ...more

[Jessica Stewart] Jul 09, 2020 - Imaginative, action-packed, thoughtful, vivid, and an incredible start to what I know is going to be a new favorite series!
It starts slow, but you're introduced to new species, new technology, new characters, and new ideas that are incredibly unique, and unlike any creative universe you can imagine. The short chapters were welcome at first, but the jumping around got me a bit lost. The plot develops at the halfway point of the book and carries you through a universe with changing gravity that reflects the story being told. In the end, the story became captivating, suspenseful, and required me to take sides despite feeling a great deal of conflict. But be warned, there is a second book which becomes a REQUIREMENT the moment your eyes cross the final sentence. Not too soon! I have long heard her name and knew that I would need to explore her writing. Centaurius is likely only the first of McGarry's work I will enjoy.ype your paragraph here.

The Adventures of Cluck-Cluck: Cluck-Cluck Goes to Court

Review echoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
Michele's review 
Jul 30, 2017
liked it. I received my copy from Goodreads giveaway. As stated in the title, the poems cover the basics of living: life, loss, and love. My favorite was the Golden Anniversary poem. Even though it is about sharing 50 years, it touched my heart as I am celebrating 30 years. This a good collection with simple yet moving artwork to accompany the words.

Echoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
R.K. Cowles's review 
Jul 27, 2017
it was ok bookshelves: books-won-on-goodreads-giveaways . 2 1/2 stars. A giveaway book on Goodreads. I felt too many of the poems we're monotonous. Although I did like about 7-8 of the poems. Some of the poems had a good form pattern and rhymes. Not my mug of tea.

6/2/2023 - Reviewed by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

"SJ McGarry's The Pink Bundle is a thought-provoking novella about abandonment and self-discovery. With her evocative prose, the author effectively captures Sandra’s emotional turmoil in dealing with the truth about her birth, while seamlessly weaving together the present day with her past. With well-balanced pacing, the tension gradually develops making the book an emotionally engaging read. Readers should find it easy to empathize with

Sandra and feel her desperation and hope as she tries to uncover her identity. The other characters also add tension and depth to the narrative. The Pink Bundle is a story that deals with themes of identity, truth, forgiveness,  and resilience. It is one of those novellas that will keep readers contemplating long after they turn the last page of the book."

Echoes of the Mind Chapbook of Poetry

Echoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
Beverly's review 
Jul 30, 2017 liked it. 

bookshelves: 2017, first-reads, july-2017 . I won a copy of "Echoes Of The Mind" on Goodreads First Reads. I love poetry and some of these poems were pretty good.  I had trouble relating to any of them, even though I wanted to.

Echoes of the Mind: A Collection of Poetry on Life, Loss and Love by S.J. McGarry
Jessi's review 
Jul 27, 2017
it was ok. I did not connect with majority of the poems, but did enjoy a few. For the most part they seemed shallow and stereotypical. The end where the author explains types of poems may be helpful to aspiring authors, but poetry (I believe) should not focus so much on structure and more about feelings.


​​“A YA space opera sees a princess step toward her destiny as an interstellar savior…Though McGarry…opens her adventure with the harrowing murder of a gorilla family in Congo, the tone softens, inviting fans of space epics like Star Wars along for the ride. There’s an enjoyable profusion of gadgetry and lore embedded in every page, from brain chips that animals use to telepathically communicate to the Wooden Warriors—talking trees—of Wethersfield. This first volume in a series brings a tremendous amount of backstory to light…  But the focus always returns to the plight of Earth, where oceans will rise, “regardless of any future curb greenhouse gasses… A series opener that skillfully balances sobering ecological facts with fanciful galactic adventures…”                      
 ~KIRKUS REVIEWS–  June 2019~

While it is extremely unique in its own right, Centaurius: The Prophecy reminded me of several other successful sci-fi/fantasy novels, such as Frank Herbert’s Dune (for the politics and intrigue), as well as Guy Gavriel Kay’s The Summer Tree (for the way you and Kay merge fantasy worlds with real-world Earth). The communication and empathy that is shared with animals, such as Senkewe and Jarmu, reminded me of Diane Duane’s sea-based Deep Wizardry novel. By bringing in a strong female lead, exciting dialogue, and the promise of future adventures, Centaurius: The Prophecy has all the ingredients of being the beginning of a popular series.

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May 20, 2019
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